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Welcome to Tech Simplified
At Tech Simplified, our mission is to empower both professionals and students to excel in the rapidly growing fields of cloud computing and AI.

AI & Cloud Career Consultation

Ready to take your cloud and AI career further? Our top-quality consultation services are designed to boost your success in these dynamic industries.

Boost Your Skills with Tech Simplified Microsoft AI and Cloud Certification Study Guides

Get the guidance you need to succeed in AI and cloud certifications. 

Tech Simplified Training

Kickstart your career in tech with our comprehensive training programs in AI and cloud computing. Our courses are affordable, effective, and designed to make complex technology simple and understandable for everyone.

Tech Simplified Blog

Transform your career with our expert insights into cloud computing and AI. At Tech Simplified, we equip professionals with the technical and soft skills needed to succeed in the industry. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your career, join our community and start building the skills necessary for success.

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The Women in Tech Series

Inspired by the influential women in my life and my daughter, who I want to provide with strong role models, I launched the “Women in Technology” series. This series celebrates the brilliance, strength, and resilience of women breaking barriers in tech and AI.

Daddy's Little Girl: Stories From a First-Time Dad

By Sylvester Gittens

Explore the joys and anticipations of fatherhood through Sylvester’s personal stories and engaging illustrations.



Sly Gittens: The Bridge Between Complex Tech & Dynamic Audiences

Discover Sly Gittens, who turns complex tech topics in AI and cloud computing into engaging narratives that not only inform but also inspire. Known for his ability to connect with varied audiences and his commitment to advancing women in technology and AI.

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