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At Tech Simplified,
we believe
in empowering
professionals and
students to excel in
the ever-growing field
of cloud computing. 

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Are you contemplating a move into the dynamic field of cloud computing? We're here to help guide you through this critical career decision.

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We offer top-notch Cloud Career Consultation services designed to

propel your success in the cloud industry. 

Elevate Your Skills with Tech Simplified
Microsoft Certifications Study Guides 

Tech Simplified University

We help people get into Tech Careers.  We offer affordable and effective training. Making technology simple and understandable for our students.  

Tech Simplified Blog

Transform your cloud computing career with Tech Simplified. Our platform is the

go-to destination for professionals looking to learn the technical and soft skills needed to succeed in the Cloud Computing industry. Whether you're just starting or looking to take your career to the next level, Tech Simplified provides the tools and resources you need to excel in cloud computing. So join our community today and start building skills to help you achieve your career goals.

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The Women in Tech Series

I find immense inspiration and motivation in the women around me, and my daughter serves as my greatest motivation for launching this series. My goal is to provide her with role models to look up to; women who are leading the way in their respective fields, making a significant impact, and breaking barriers despite the challenges. This is why I have introduced the “Women in Technology” series - to showcase the brilliance, strength, and resilience of women in the tech industry.


Sly Gittens: The Bridge Between Complex Tech & Dynamic Audiences

Meet Sly Gittens, not just a technologist but a visionary communicator who transforms the densest technical jargon into compelling narratives. With an unparalleled flair for connecting with diverse groups, Sly doesn't just explain; he inspires. His dedication to driving results is evidenced not only by the depth of his technical expertise but also by his unwavering commitment to uplift and promote women in technology.

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