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Women In Technology featuring McKenna Yeakey

Sly Gittens will be speaking with McKenna Yeakey, Security Engineer. We will be chatting about all things Cybersecurity including misconceptions about the Red and Blue Teams, a day in the life of a security engineer, plus McKenna shares helpful insight into the field for those looking to pursue Cybersecurity!

The goal of this Women In Technology series is to encourage women to enter and thrive inside technology fields!

Listen to the podcast here:

Watch the interview here:

Episode Resources


Connect with McKenna:

McKenna's LinkedIn

McKenna's Twitter

McKenna's Website

Book & Podcast Recommendations:

Hacker Valley Blue: Human-Centric Security with McKenna Yeakey

InfoSec Unplugged: Talk with McKenna Yeakey

Atomic Habits

Thinking Fast and Slow

The Book of Beautiful Questions

Additional Resources:

Women's Society of Cyberjutsu

Women In Cybersecurity

Black Girls Code

Security Planner - Guide for Staying Safer Online

List of Cybersecurity Resources

Bigger List of Cybersecurity Training


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