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Cloud Computing Career 

Our Cloud Computing Career, Transition Assessment, is designed to evaluate your readiness and compatibility for this rapidly growing field. Whether you're a seasoned IT professional or a newcomer looking to change your career path, this questionnaire will provide valuable insights into your current skill set, knowledge base, and interests in cloud computing.


Remember, honesty is critical when filling this out, as it will only help to properly assess your current standing and potential needs for a successful transition into a cloud computing career.

A Young Man Writing
Do you have any prior experience in IT or related fields?
What is your understanding of cloud computing?
What is your understanding of network infrastructure and security as it pertains to cloud computing?
Which aspects of cloud computing are you most interested in?
Do you have experience with any specific cloud platforms?
Are you open to continuous learning and frequent updates in technology as is common in the cloud computing field?
Do you have any certifications in IT or cloud computing?
Are you willing to complete further training or gain additional certifications if necessary?

Thanks for submitting!

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